by DTDev

azalvo Project is specially made for changemakers and innovators helming the evolution of lifestyle technologies.


A lifestyle innovation platform merging the worlds of design, retail and technology.

The azalvo Project powered by Jumpstart is defining the future of lifestyle tech through its new-age value chain and collaborative co-creation community.

“We are here so you can focus on your talent, so you can leave your frustrations with us. We’ll walk you through it, guide you in directions you didn’t think you’d venture and tackle the trivial parts for you. You’ll learn from the brands that have succeeded before you and also from those that have failed before you.”
Founder of azalvo, Joanne Chow

A 12-week program for cutting-edge fashion, retail, and lifestyle tech teams looking for guidance and opportunities.​

Companies selected for the program will partake in a curriculum tailor made to help startups achieve new heights. This collaborative platform will provide participants with access to like-minded networks of people, resources, and support for business growth.

“Not all founders are created equal. Some are amazing visionaries but need strategic partners like azalvo and Jumpstart to help them develop a sound business strategy that could successfully bring them across the finish line,”
Executive Chairman at Jumpstart, James Kwan