The Accelerator

The azalvo project facilitates the development of proprietary products, disruptive platforms and a transformation of the lifestyle and fashion-tech value chain. A hybrid program with a mix of virtual and in-person interactions, the azalvo project, powered by Jumpstart, is open to teams outside of Hong Kong and has a region-wide focus in Asian markets. Teams could join virtually or in person in Hong Kong. For teams coming into Hong Kong, we could assist with the visa process.

Cohort 1

Lify Wellness

Lify has been recognised by 10 international awards including HKICT Smart Home (Gold Award), GOOD DESIGN, A’Design Awards, IDA Awards, A&D Trophy Awards, European Product Design Award and German Design Award 2020.


INCREFF is a technology and analytics B2B Enterprise helping Fashion & Lifestyle brands improve revenue and margins through:

a) Intelligent merchandising and

b) Efficient fulfilment via a single view of inventory


Perception Codes is a Unity-Plugin for developing DesktopAR. DesktopAR is an AR system that creates the illusion of 3D objects and scenes to be floating in front of a screen at home.


Founded 4 years ago by Oskar “Dodde” Ödmark, Flashe’s mission is to improve the performance of every gamer and Esports player, while also keeping an ergonomic perspective of the products. Being injured while playing Esports, he noticed that there are no ergonomic products on the market that is made for gaming. Hence, Oskar quickly applied for a patent. Today, Flashe has obtained 5 patents for different products.


Woovly is an AI-driven social commerce platform which utilizes user-generated content and engagement algorithms to create a direct-to-consumer channel. Individuals can monetize their influence on Woovly while brands simultaneously support authentic advocates. Their patented technology recognized and rewards individuals for brand loyalty.

Unique offerings

Incorporating a purposeful curriculum, group classes, and one-on-one mentorship sessions, the program connects participating startups with ecosystem enablers including investors, marketers, business strategists and thought leaders. The ultimate goal is to help teams increase their revenue and brand presence.